In to high school at Seton Hall

In “The Story of an Hour,” I can relate to so many different things that go on in this short tragic story. After reading the story I almost felt like Louise Mallard and I were living the same life with different events and a different outcome. Everything about the two of us comes down to being always misunderstood and just wanting to be free. In the beginning of the story, we look at Louise Mallard from a bird’s eye point of view. Louise is introduced as a devoted young wife who has been told the news of her husband’s unfortunate death. When Chopin goes deeper into Louise’s thoughts and feelings, they surprisingly contradict her initial description of her.

I grew up in New Jersey my whole life. I lived in a huge house and everyone in my family drove nice, expensive cars. Everyone in my town pretty much knew who I was because of my family.

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In the town I lived in, this kind of popularity was a normal, everyday thing. Everybody on my street lived just as good as or better than me. Being different than all the other “rich kids” on the block, I hated that appearance that we were better than others, more privileged. I was definitely not what people expected to me to be. I didn’t go to high school at Seton Hall Prep with the other “rich kids.

” I didn’t like them. Instead I went to a more relaxed private high school called Chancellor Academy where the kids were definitely not like all the other “rich kids.” These people were my real friends and could care less how much money I had.On top of not going.

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