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Your Name Goes Here Your Grade etc goes here ex. Grade 10date goes here ex. 18 October 18, 2005 Horowitz, Anthony.

Point Blank. New York: Scholastic inc. 2002This is a story of a young boy named Alex Rider who is headed for an exclusive private school in the French Alps because the isolated mountain academy is linked to the deaths of two prominent men. This case leads him to an undercover assignment as the son of one of the world's richest supermarket businessmen. While there he finds out what’s really in going on, while struggling to survive until help arrives. Trapped At some point everyone feels trapped.

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Trapped by their family, friends, teachers, you name it! We all feel trapped, but are we really trapped? Some people feel trapped because they have to do something they don’t like. Surely they could get out if it right? Alex beings to feel trapped, while having to try to juggle his schoolwork and helping England cut down on terrorist around the world. He begins to get frustrated when he gets back from an assignment and has to make up two weeks of missed homework.

He feels this is unfair and shouldn’t have to do the work, but a part of him thinks it’s worth it for the adrenalin rush he receives every time. While walking home one day with double homework in every subjetc he wonders, when his next assignment is going to happen. It just so happens later that night MI6 calls him in for an undertaking of a lifetime at an academy called Point Blanc is French. From the second Alex arrived at the academy he thought something was weird or different, but couldn’t place it.

He notices that some kids have already started acting like scholars instead of juvenile delinquents..

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