Essay believe in the cause the government was

Essay title: Pasyon and Revolution

1Bridging from chapter 3, with the end of the Katipunan, chapter 4, reveals how the Philippine Republic, led by Emilio Aguinaldo, used the “spirit” brought about by the war as inspiration to further fight for freedom.2It was now Aguinaldo’s job to revolt against the American colonizers plus international recognition was sought after. 3The Malolos government was the main leading party yet many challenges still came their way, not only from the invaders but from several Filipino revolt groups as well who did not believe in the cause the government was fighting for.

4Ileto describes this from the Pensacola brothers to General Teodoro Sandiko who was trying to revive the Katipunan sect.5But more importantly, this chapter describes how a poem or awit was a very strong reference to what the government not only believed in but also gained strength and courage from.6One of the most important ideas that Ileto mentioned in this chapter is that the awit, because of the fact that it does not mention important people of the revolution, is more about the “spirit,” the fighting cause of the revolution, instead of the people involved in it.7Throughout the chapter after the mention, Ileto analyzes verses of the awit, even connecting them to lines from religious texts to describe how the Filipino people felt or even their ideas on how the revolution should take place.8Of course, majority of what the awit’s stanzas suggest are intended more for frightening the people in to doing the government’s will.9In the end though, salvation is still granted to those who have followed what the awit and the government says.

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10Ileto returns back to the Katipunan, as that is where the “spirit” arose from because it was they who truly desired freedom and very much fought for it, even as time neared the 19th century. 1As the title states, this chapter revolves around the Filipino’s fight to achieve Kalayaan.2How Ileto explains this is really through constant narration of events leading to the triumph and he constantly adds explanations as well as references to how they may just have done it.3Ileto, however, does not struggle away from the main idea which is that religion played a major role in the revolution the Filipino’s ignited and in this chapter, Ileto.

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