Night’s screams in the cattle car, and

Night’s ForeshadowingForeshadowing is a warning of what is to come. In the book Night by Elie Wiesel there are many events, which foreshadow the future of the Jews and the future of Elie during the Holocaust.

Three examples of foreshadowing in the book are Moche’s experience, the mystic Jewish woman’s screams in the cattle car, and the “selection” of Elie’s father to die ().Moche’s experience with the Germans is an example of foreshadowing. During experience he learns how the Germans treat anyone who is not like them.

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He was taken to a concentration camp were he saw how the Germans were murderers, animals. Moche escaped the hell he was sucked into to warn the people, the Jews of his hometown in Sighet, Transylvania. However, the Jews would not listen to him; they turned a deaf ear.

This foreshadows what is to come for all the Jews. They will turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to what is going to come until they are in the midst of the worst. The worst being everything that is about to happen to them eventually leading to starvation then death.Another example of foreshadowing is the mystic Jewish woman’s screams in the cattle car. With little room in the cattle cars so full of people that there was no room to sit down and anticipation growing in the air, the screams of one woman echoed through the air. She screams of the “flames” and the destruction of the Jews ().

The woman was right like the people in the cattle car, the Jews and others the Germans did not like. Foreshadowing is seen when Elie’s father is selected as a weak one, as someone to be killed. This shows that his father is growing weak and will.

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