Macintyre the Virtue

In my opinion, many problems and controversy China moment, such as understanding the recent rise of nationalism, such as western democracy and "China characteristic" system, once through the ancient and modern "Virtue" or "Virtue" cognition, you will find the solution to these problems is not possible, because these diametrically opposed views are in the abandoned after the classical. To solve the problem, we must go back to the classical and design the system according to the classical.

I will try to illustrate my view through the understanding of the pursuit of virtue.

First, nationalism in China is more individualistic

These years seem to be the debate between the liberalists and the new left ones. They don't want to think of many things that happened in 2008, which made Chinese nationalism go all in to the stage of history. In fact, China nationalism in 90s has risen gradually, in 1998 the United States Embassy in Yugoslavia bombing China caused a protest movement, is the first time in history to a nationalist chance, although at that time the nationalists are not aware of this point. Subsequently, there have been two times of Anti Japanese parade, and gradually expand the Confucius and folk Hanfu movement, until the "Lecture Room" created a large number of "classical" "fashion" of the audience, China nationalism finally with vigour and vitality.

The idea of community has been that nationalism does not become the climate, this is mainly because the nationalists are mostly private persons, members involved in all sectors of society, but no one can be called a thought leader figure, nor what is the level of articles and works. Some scholars regarded as nationalists, such as Jiang Qing, are essentially cultural conservatives, not nationalists. This has resulted in ten years of popular nationalism, almost no influence on what ideas, rather than just to do ideological ideological circle analysis sample.

However, what happened in 2008 proved that Chinese nationalists were not only used officially, but also by no means a dispensable force, but a natural choice of many young people in China. For example, in April as the Lhasa riot caused conflict in the overseas transfer of the torch, let Chinese red tide in mainland Europe and the United States surging up; "boycott Carrefour" movement or even lead to a diplomatic incident; and the earthquake tragedy in Sichuan but also in reality has become a nation full of pathos filled emotions; the August Olympic Games. And the number of China ranked first gold medal, more let nationalism reached a peak. These facts fully illustrate that the nationalism of China has become an influential trend of thought at the moment.

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