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Welcome to Our Authors Directory
Directory of our Nightengale Press Author Websites
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1   Link   Beverly, James
Author of The Adventures of Seamus the Sheltie, a tale about a very special dog!
2   Link   Buchwald, Alaina
Teen Author of The Tales of Adarya
3   Link   Butler, LeslieAnn
Artist and Author of If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing
4   Link   Conrad-Ellis, JC
With "Boys, Beauty & Betrayal," JC Conrad-Ellis introduces Tanisha Carlson in the first installment of what promises to become a must read series for the "tweens" in your life.
5   Link   Connelly, Valerie
Nightengale Press publisher and author of four titles: Sacred Night, Sidetracks, Arthur the Christmas Elf, and Calling All Authors
6   Link   Ella, Michael
Australian author of The Resort. A tale of high adventure and suspense from downunder.
7   Link   Gallagher, Barry
Author of The Secrets of Life Power. This is your personal guide to creating and living your best life.
8   Link   Gapanowicz, Delores
Author of two titles: The Finchley House Mystery and The Mayor's Daughter
9   Link   Germont, Giorgio
Author of A letter to My Love(r).
10   Link   Griswold, Zara
Author of Surrogacy Was the Way
11   Link   Gupta-Ranu
United Arab Emirates author of Campfires and Creepy Calls.
12   Link   Herrera, Norma
Norma passed away in early 2008, but her book, Last Words from Death Row remains as a testament for her love for her brother and the injustice done to him so many years ago.
13   Link   Hein, Tim
Wisconsin author of Net Loss, a chilling suspense/thriller set in small town Wisconsin.
14   Link   Hill-Smith, Ian
Australian author of The Golden Spanner, Ian Hill- Smith passed on in 2007, but we keep his book active. It is an adventure tale set in the South Pacific.
15   Link   Hinkes, Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark Hinkes is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee (Tennessee Valley Healthcare System) where he serves as the Chief of Podiatry Services and Director of Podiatric Medical Education.
16   Link   Hurley, Thomas
Author of America's Fighting Force, Tom Hurley has come home from Iraq since he wrote this book with his boots on the ground there.
17   Link   Jackson, William
Author of two titles: And the Sea Shall Hide them, and the Incredible Death and Revival of William Morgan
18   Link   Kascht, Bob
Author of Good Genes, Luck, Lots of Prayers, a living Memoir which brings memories back to life and the people there walk right off the page and into your heart.
19   Link   LaHaye, Mary
Mary’s books include: It Started with a Nickel, a memoir about her dad who opened the first parking lot in Los Angeles in 1917. Letters from Samoa, based on first-hand letters from her aunt and uncle’s three year stay in American Samoa in the 1930’s. Mary co-authored, The Catholic Church on Balboa Peninsula—The Story of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, ― a history book published in 2002.
20   Link   Liebovich, Louis
Author of Abraham's Rhyme, Louis Leibovich is a professor at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.
21   Link   McCann, Chuck
Author of three humorous and compelling titles: Short, Shorter and Shorter Stories, Volumes I and II, and Osmis, the Cursed Egyptian Maiden.
22   Link   Miner, Erica
Violinist turned author Erica Miner has had a multi-faceted career as an award-winning screenwriter, author, lecturer and poet.
23   Link   Muller-Funk, Carol
Author of Golden Love, a guidebook to marriage after sixty.
24   Link   Nash, John
Australian author of The Fugitive Hour, a spell-binding tale of murder, suspense and flight from justice in the South Pacific.
25   Link   Olker, Constance
Author of the Punctuation Pal Series, five full-color illustrated story books, with coloring books and games included in each book.
26   Link   Parker, Ed
Author of The Invisible Force, a true military mystery surrounding the U-2 flight in the 1960's revealed by those who were there.
27   Link   Parziale, Michael
Author of the intriguing epic fantasy, Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time.
28   Link   Perry, Yvonne
Author of Right To Recover --- Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. Clearly addresses all sides of this 21st century issue.
29   Link   Pisarski, Gary
Author of two titles: Black River Crossing, historical fiction, and After the Door Opened, mystery/suspense.
30   Link   Pliszka, Jodi
Author of three titles: Bella and Gizmo's Adventures, and Bella Gets a New Sweater, and the autobiography, Bald Is Beautiful --- My Journey to Becoming. Jodi's books center on her uplifting experiences in battling the hair loss due to Alopecia
31   Link   Rigby, David
Author of two titles: Challenges and The World Is Our Home --- with illustrations by Chandler Kramer. Teens paddle into the wilderness led by David Rigby, the 20007 Soil and Water Conservation Teacher of the Year in Illinois.
32   Link   Rossi, Randy
The ultimate American Dream success story. The son of an Italian immigrant goes from rags to riches, from laborer to Group President of an international company traveling the world and earning world class honors.
33   Link   Ruskin, Patti Jo
Author of This is My Damn Adventure, a poignant and humorous tale of life as a Navy wife.
34   Link   Schulenburg, Peter
Author of three humorous, illustrated poetry for kids titles: Inside Our Fridge, I'm Gonna Raise a Ruckus and i Am a Pie Rat.
35   Link   Sobo, Frank
Author of two, Book of the Year Finalist (2004 and 2006), humor-filled short story collections: Crumpet Strumpet and DNA Stew.
36   Link   Stephenson, MaAnna
Author of The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom. This book demystifies complex ideas with intelligent analogies and examples designed to appeal to both the scientist and the natural intuitive.
37   Link   Stewart, Tim
Author of Positive Force, a Midwest Book Review "highly recommended title" for teen readers.
38   Link   Taylor, Stephen
Canadian author of The Abominable Suitor, the horror genre at its creepiest.
39   Link   Thorne, Reverend Cherise
Author of Know Spirit --- Through Healing Your Soul, an inspirational and practical guide to becoming whole.
40   Link   Wollner, Michael
Author of the Barnes and Noble online Bestseller in 2007, Whoever Stole my Xmas Decorations, May You Rot in H*!! --- funny and heart-warming recollection of what Christmas used to be.
41   Link   WHS High School Students
Two books by Students from Waukegan High School, Waukegan, IL.

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